Online learning is the next best thing to having 1-2-1 lessons.


Many people do not have the convenience of being able to visit a local Alexander Technique teacher, or even if they do, may have to travel miles to reach one. With a good internet connection camera and microphone, it’s becoming increasingly popular to teach online in the comfort of your own home.

With my highly developed observational skills, we can work together to explore some of the challenges or activities, which you want to improve such as poor posture, balance, and coordination; or musculoskeletal issues such as repetitive strain injuries, and back or neck pain.


The Alexander technique can be used to improve countless other activities such as singing, playing an instrument, and everyday movements such as walking, sitting, and standing.


One of the concerns you may have about working online is the kinaesthetic experience; this is where I use my hands in an onsite 1-2-1 lesson to convey information, to help the client/student to release tension and to help bring an improved overall, poise, balance, and coordination.


I have been working successfully online now for some time and the feedback, results, and benefits my clients are getting are quite remarkable.


One of the primary benefits of not using a hands-on approach is the student/client is given the responsibility to bring about the changes themselves along with my guidance, coaching, and directing.

This can be accomplished without direct physical hands-on guidance. The student/client will not be relying on the teacher for this experience, you will be generating these changes and experiences yourself which is very empowering for the student/client.

This way of teaching takes away the dependency on the Alexander teacher that often happens with 1-2-1 traditional teaching. Another benefit of online learning is the option for me to record the lessons, which I can then send to review your progress.


This option is very helpful to listen to the instructions and teachings, to observe the changes and movements which happened during the lessons. This is a valuable resource for online teaching. If you are curious to find out more.


I suggest we arrange a call to determine how I may best help you.

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