Nicholas Brandon is an experienced practitioner of the Alexander Technique.  He is a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, (STAT).  the internationally recognised body which monitors the standards of teaching and training.  STAT-qualified teachers undergo an intensive three-year training program.

Nicholas Brandon is passionate about helping people tap into their natural, inherent healing and creative energy.  He has worked at numerous educational centers, performing art schools, acting and music colleges; as well as having a busy private practice.

Nicholas’ work is based on the Alexander Technique, with influences from ancient healing wisdom traditions such as meditation, yoga, and ongoing personal and professional development.

Through this work, Nicholas’ clients discover their true, natural authentic self, which allows them to pursue life’s challenges with more ease, presence, freedom, poise, and self-expression.

What clients say about Nicholas Brandon.

Nicholas is also very fortunate to have worked with many of the first-generation teachers who were taught by F.M. Alexander, all of whom have sadly deceased. Elizabeth Walker was the last living teacher who trained with F.M. Alexander, she passed away in 2014.  She was 98 years old, still living at home, and giving Alexander lessons.

Nicholas facilitates, educates, and guides his students through a gentle process of exploration, imagination, and attention which creates possibilities for new ways of thinking and experiencing themselves.

He brings a loving kind compassionate approach to his teaching which is very healing, educational, and therapeutic. He also uses coaching skills to help clients achieve their goals and discover what’s really important to them. He is committed and dedicated to achieving the best possible results for his clients.

My core values: Kindness, Non-judgment, Being Playful, Learning, accountability, and responsibility.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

To give his pupils the best possible experience. Nicholas has ongoing professional development which helps him to maintain, develop and increase his knowledge and skills.

Clients include:

The Life Centre.

City Lit adult education college – Covent Garden,  London

Rose Bruford College Drama college.

ArtsEd – independent performing arts school -London

Virgin Group.

Bupa Health Insurance Group.

Silver Platter computer company.

Ghost Fashion Brand,

Neals Yard.

Drumtech and Voicetech College.

Tri Yoga Primrose Hill NW London.

Off Gem utility regulator.

The Core Trust clinic, London.

West London Buddhist Centre, Porchester Rod London  W2

Buddhafield Festival, Blackdown Hills, Somerset.

Mindful Living show – London

London School of Musical Theatre  83 Borough Rd London SE1 IDN

Associated Studios Drama School  London W6 8HJ

Nicholas states “the feedback and results I see and receive is what inspires me, seeing the physical, mental and lifestyle changes individuals achieve is tremendous for both the client and myself.

I was born in Notting Hill. It is a special place, culturally rich and the multi-diversity of the community has made me more of a tolerant, understanding person.”

‘I love the work I do and believe I am very privileged and blessed.  My pupils and teachers continue to inspire me to whom I am eternally grateful.

My Mission:

I am dedicated to inspiring, empowering and educating my clients to go beyond their limitations, so they can flourish, thrive and do the things they love to do with ease, poise, passion and confidence.

Other Skills:

  • Holistic Massage
  • Reiki
  • N.L.P
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Personal trainer
  • Parenting skills
  • Student of Yoga and meditation for many years.

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