Being an Alexander Technique teacher and movement coach, I typically work with my clients to resolve long- term chronic pain issues often associated with poor posture and sedentary lifestyles.

The Alexander Technique is a proven method that has been around for about 120 years and is established in the performing arts. It’s practiced worldwide by actor’s athletes’ musician’s singers’ dancers and performers.

The Nho Move Chair Click to enlarge image
The Nho Move Chair click to enlarge the image

I am frequently asked about best the chair to use and what is the best posture to adopt while sitting.

My answer is always that your best sitting posture is your next posture as our bodies thrive on constant movement and not static posture.

Most people spend at least 8 hours a day sitting, and with more people working from home, or participating in Zoom meetings and so on, this will no doubt increase as we move into the digital revolution.

Choosing the right chair is really important because it can affect how we sit and ultimately our health, performance, creativity, and productivity.

A chair, just like any type of furniture, can be a very personal choice. What is comfortable and feels right to me may not be so for you. As we spend so much time sitting, I think it is important that we invest in a chair which promotes healthy movement and supports good posture, with good aesthetic, functional design suited to the activities we sit for. We want our chairs to look stylish, feel good, be fit for purpose andd meet the required safety standards expected from good ergonomically designed seating. They also need to be long lasting, durable, strong and ideally made from sustainable materials.

The Noho Move chair checks all my boxes when considering a chair that I would recommend.

Aesthetically it has a beautiful, classic modern and timeless design. It is very functional, so can be used as aThe Nho Move Chair

dining chair, office chair, or for general use. And I appreciate that the chair is made from sustainable

recycled plastic fishing nets from the sea, and end of life carpets.

The design of the chair intuitively moves with the movements of the body, encouraging movement in the spine and body, and helping to maintain a comfortable upright and more effortless posture. This prevents the compression, stiffening and tension one can feel in the back and body from prolonged sitting in static chairs with no movement or adjustable positions.

The spine and the body needs to move to prevent poor static posture and to promote good circulation and energy flowing through the body.  Sitting still for long hours is one of the most damaging activities we do. The body hates being stuck in fixed positions, it is designed to move and loves flowing perpetual movements..

This Noho Move chair has this versatility and movement built into its clever ergonomic design. This helps you intelligently and intuitively adapt to the continual fluctuating changes and movements required for healthy sitting, without out the need to make adjustments with knobs or levers.

I think the Noho Move Chair is a remarkable design which functions well in a variety of settings.

I have used a number of chairs over the many years in practice, helping and advising people to find good

ergonomically designed chairs. From now on the Noho Move chair will be the chair that I will be

recommending to my clients because of its unique design, functionality, versatility, adaptability,

affordability and the companies impressive sustainability ethos.

Here is the link to purchase the Noho Chair

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