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“We are what we repeatedly do Aristotle.

April 26, 2019 by Nicholas Brandon

“We are what we repeatedly do – Aristotle.

Most of us would have it the that we have free will.
However what I have come to understand about myself and having worked with numerous people is how influenced we are by our peer group, society, family, education, media, religion, universal beliefs, which we hold to be true, but when questioned or examined realise how limiting many of our beliefs are.

Over time, they have turned into our own unique story of lack, fear, limitation, putting us asleep in a play, playing a part that we didn’t even know we were cast in. We think we’re walking around with free will, making conscious choices, however most of the time we walking around on auto pilot. We have 50-60 thousand thoughts a day most of which are repetitive and often negative, that’s just they way the brain is hard wired for survival. (Wow! that’s so many, we only have about 28 thousand breaths a day) We are a conditioned bundle of automatic responses with predictable outcomes responding to a script we didn’t write! When we begin to look and work on these beliefs and attitudes, many of which are fear based, and so entrenched. When we begin to awaken to this mass hypnosis and uncover and discover these beliefs, we begin to see how these old ways of thinking, seeing, being and acting are like old software running in the background, they are clunky old and need upgrading.

When we begin this self-enquiry (which most are not prepared to do) magical things begin to happen, life takes on a new richness, a world of possibilities opens up, which we didn’t even realise existed, it wasn’t within the realms of out thinking, it was like a blind spot, we just didn’t know and something, that you just don’t know, you can’t do anything about. Einstein said “if you keep doing the same things and expecting new results that’s insanity.

Many of my blind spots and limited ways of thinking and being, have been reflected back to me by extraordinary people who have helped me open to what possible and available, and got me out of my fixed ways of being, thinking and acting. As mentioned they are so entrenched, so needs daily work to not go along with the mass hypnosis and limiting beliefs I have.

Why do I write all this, well It’s not to impress you, to say look what I know, it’s say look what I didn’t know and how stuck I was for years until I began to look and do some work with amazing extraordinary people which has created so many opportunities and possibilities, one of which is speaking at the Mindful living show. What’s stopping you from achieving what you want? what are your limiting beliefs? I will be happy to begin sharing mine, I have so often got myself in listening to other people stories and what was stopping them to see what was stopping me.

Mostly this was is fear or thinking i’m not good enough, or the someday one day it will happen, or it’s not perfect yet or not quite ready. These are just the obvious ones we are all familiar with.. 

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